Driving in Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur



I found two videos on YouTube which present my perception of traffic in Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur.



The traffic is constantly full of stop-and-go-and-stop-and-go, lane splittings are severe, and motorcycles are mosquito-ing.


Kuala Lumpur

The traffic flows smoothly and motorcycles are seldom.

The smooth traffic flow, one of many, is contributed by the presence of freeways which are LITERALLY everywhere, criss-crossing the city. The total length of freeways in Klang Valley (Kuala Lumpur and the surrounding areas) is incomparable with the one in Jabodetabek. Since the freeways are adapting to Klang Valley’s terrain, they are full of climbs, declines, curves, turns, etc. Those features make driving in Klang Valley freeways a memorable experience. 🙂


Ps: I don’t remember public transportation in Klang Valley as a very good one. But still, it is better than the one in Jabodetabek. 😉


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