World Metropolitan Areas and Railway Extension Comparison

Below are some GoogleMaps satellite pictures showing world metropolitan areas with railways being highlighted. Railways are highlighted with various colors, while for Jakarta they are highlighted with single pale-green color. These pictures can give idea how extensive train services handle the metropolitan areas’ daily traffic. All pictures are in the same scale. For better understanding, you might want to check urban train systems with highest number of annual passenger here: I’ve ranked and arranged them roughly by their ‘range of extension’. Enjoy. 🙂


London, United Kingdom. Population: 12.875.000

Tokyo, Japan. Population: 32.540.000

*I know that train services in Tokyo are far more extensive than this, but somehow GoogleMaps doesn’t show all of them 😦


Shanghai, China. Population: 16.650.000


New York, United States. Population: 19.750.000


Moscow, Russia. Population: 15.000.000


Hong Kong, China. Population: 15.800.000


New Delhi, India. Population: 18.600.000


Mexico City, Mexico. Population: 20.450.000


Jakarta, Indonesia. Population: 18.900.000


Cairo, Egypt. Population: 14.450.000


A developed country is not where the poor have cars. It’s where the rich use public transportation.”

(Pedro Gustavo, Mayor of Bogota, Colombia)


2 Responses to “World Metropolitan Areas and Railway Extension Comparison”

  1. ecky agassi Says:

    still better than egypt

  2. fajrie Says:

    interesting 🙂

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