The fantastic Shenzhen

as a symbol of my responsibility regarding this two-month long dormant blog -__-“,

I posted this mini photo-blog post as a prelude to a wishfully continuous blog-posting, one post per month. (ameen)

It’s about Shenzhen, a city in Guangdong Province in PRC (People’s Republic of China), which its development within only three decades has amazed the whole universe. *lebay

check out these satellite images of Shenzhen.













December 1979. It’s all the lush tropical rain forest. 🙂













December 1990. It seems that the forest has just been cleared to make way for the development of the city.













November 2000. Hey hey hey, where did all those highways and building come from?? Who built all those things? Aliens? Or Roro Jonggrang’s genies? 😀













September 2010. The city is already full of high-rises right now. -__-

Even a sophisticatedly planned and developed city such as Putrajaya don’t grow at this rate of speed.


*menahan tawa

it’s ok to check out this link too. 🙂

ps: oh ya, I (am trying to) use English as the official language in my blog. 🙂


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